My Thoughts on the iPad

First off:
For a poll on your thoughts about the iPad, pay a visit to the UT McCombs Today blog at the following link.

The iPad is less of a differentiated product, and more of a combination and middle ground between laptops and smart phones. Steve Jobs emphasized this early on in the iPad unveiling.

That being said, Apple is great at marketing, and the iBooks software coupled with the newspaper apps are a big selling point. But Apple left a lot of room for the product to grow and change in future generations. The addition of a forward facing camera and quality microphone would make the iPad an excellent device for voice over IP. Furthermore, where is the support for magazines? If you are going to support other forms of print media, you may as well get magazines on your side.

Although Apple left a lot of room for improvement, I believe the iPad still has the power and the following to bring e-readers to the forefront and potentially change the way print media is consumed.

As a side note, I am personally quite unhappy with having to wait an extra 30 days, and pay an extra $130 for the ability to have 3G access, not to mention a monthly fee to AT&T on top of my cellphone bill and media plan for my BlackBerry.

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