Windows 7 Starter

I received a Toshiba netbook for my birthday recently (a hardware review is coming soon) and it came installed with Windows 7 Starter edition, so I thought I’d give my thoughts on this version of the OS. (For more on Windows 7 in general, see my Windows 7 Review)

Windows 7 Starter contains most of what Windows 7 Ultimate has to offer, just a little watered down.  The ease of use is still present and is very effective for minimalist pc users who are seeking simply to surf the internet and compose short documents.  The speed of Windows 7 really shines with Starter, quick start-up times and faster run times are key for netbooks, which seek to maximize portability.  No one wants to move from place to place, putting your pc to sleep and having to wait minutes for it to wake up at your next time of use.

The media additions to 7 Ultimate are not all present in 7 Starter, but once again, Starter is for minimalists.  If you are going to be working with media, you need a faster, larger pc, and Windows 7.  (Honestly, if you’re working with media, you should get a MAC, but I digress…)

Windows 7 Starter is great for those who use a PC for pleasure and just want something faster with which to work.  If you want extras and nuances, go for a bigger version of Windows 7, if you have access to Ultimate, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m a PC, and if Windows 7 was partially my idea, like Microsoft is claiming in their ads, why didn’t I get any money?????

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