Modern Warfare 2

Maybe the most hype ever put into a game, does Modern Warfare 2 measure up? Not only measure up to the hype, but measure up to Call of Duty 4 and the standard that Infinity Ward has set for itself with previous COD games.  The short answer is not only does it meet these expectations, it greatly exceeds them.

Superb on all systems.  Indeed IW has built upon an already great engine, there is so much happening  onscreen that it seems hectic, at the same time it draws you into the action.  The craziness on screen makes the game all that more real, not to mention Infinity Ward truly upped the pacing this time around: not so much as to change the feel, but enough to make it real.  When it comes to multiplayer (a place where graphics are normally watered down to make for a smoother online experience) Modern Warfare 2 defies odds and presents as much splendor in multiplayer graphics as it does in single player and special ops modes.

Never before has a score captured my attention like the one set behind this game.  Yes the sound effects add to realism and they are spot on, many taking a complete overhaul from COD: 4, but when the music builds just as you hear the scream of a predator drone dropping a guided missile, and you turn to see an entire building burst, your heart pounds and you jump to the edge of your seat.  Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has truly succeeded in taking the player’s experience to a new level.  I see another award in Zimmer’s future, this time for his work on a video game.


1.  Singleplayer:
The singleplayer campaign mode is the foundation of the Call of Duty series, especially Infinity Ward’s chapters.  Going into the realm of Modern Warfare has allowed the development team to create their own story, instead of retelling history with a World War II game.  This time around the crew has set a new bar for the story in the singleplayer, and brings back the best controls ever to come in a first-person shooter.  The game is more refined than Call of Duty 4, ridding itself of many issues in 4’s singleplayer (namely the infinite respawn points for enemies and the inept AI which now proves extremely helpful).

2.  Spec Ops:
A brand new mode for the COD franchise throws you and a friend (online or off) or you alone, into a variety of situations and missions to complete.  The missions range from a snowmobile race down a mountain to the revival of the AC 130 mission from COD 4, this time in a coop only mode.  One player sits in the gunship raining death from above while the other points out targets with a laser and makes his way to the barn at the end of the level.  Spec Ops is a unique experience and should influence many of Infinity Ward’s peers in bringing a new method of coop play into games.

3.  Multiplayer
Multiplayer has  become the backbone of the COD franchise, in fact, even weeks after the launch of MW2, many online gamers are still playing COD4 online.  No matter what brought you to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the multiplayer is what will have you addicted to this game for years to come.  Revamping the rewards system from the previous game and adding more unlockables only adds to the conditioning factor and addiction the game offers.  Without too much of a discourse (you may find one soon in another post) MW2 offers an unbelievable amount of experience and growth for your online profile that proves itself a huge factor in the retention of fans and players.

Bottom Line:
This game gets a 7/7 it is without a doubt legen…wait for it…dary.
From the graphics and sound to the gameplay, different modes and small nuances, this game is epic in every sense of the word.

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