Social Media Thoughts: Not a Review

Is Facebook Getting Too Old?

The new median ages of users on popular social media sites were released today.
LinkedIn:  39
Facebook: 33
Twitter:      31
MySpace:  26

The biggest news out of these is of course Facebook, which had a median age of 26 in May 2008.  For a social networking website that started for college students only, this is a big change in just a few years.  It will be interesting to see where “Millennials” or “Generation Y” will turn to next.  I know I was definitely shocked when my grandmother created a Facebook profile, but it didn’t make me leave.  Will something new attract the youth’s attention?

For starters, more “Milliennials” seem to be adding accounts on Twitter, a place that previously garnered the attention of older users.  Twitter is now, as I’m sure you noticed above, the second “youngest” of the top four social networking sites.  This is great news for Twitter as it means they are attracting more people in general, as well as more youth who spend way too much time with technology and on the web.

Google Concerns:
This is just speculation on my part, but I think Google’s Orkut would love to pull people away from fellow social networking websites.  Orkut, which has a minimum age requirement of 18, allows one to connect all of their google services together, there is even a new feature in the making that implements Google Wave (a revolutionary messaging and interactive email and document creating system that allows you to “Communicate and Collaborate in real time”).  Maybe Orkut will be able to work something out with Facebook and steal the older users of the community away, or else today’s impatient youth (of which I am definitely part) will find somewhere else to be.

On a side note, Google, I really would like an invite to Wave so I can review it, and just use it.  I feel like anyone who watches your entire video (they aren’t lying when the link says loooooooong video) should get an invite.  I think that if you garner enough users, Wave can revolutionize business communication and group work in any capacity.

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