Windows 7 Review

I no longer have to find ways to waste time while my computer starts or shuts down, gone are many of my speed issues, and my overall usage of my computer is just simpler-more convenient.  I thought I’d start this new blog with a review of a new product.  I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate, upgrading from Windows Vista Home Premium, and I couldn’t be happier with the performance.

My Final Moments with Vista

The day before I installed Windows 7, my computer was running slower than Morgan Spurlock after 30 days of nothing but Mickey D’s. I was exhausted from staring at my computer screen and waiting for Google Chrome to run or even just for my last click to register with the operating system so that something could happen.


I chose to install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit version throughout the night.  I have an HP Pavilion dv9000.  What I would call an upper middle class PC, with 2GB of RAM and 2 GHz of processing speed, so I didn’t think the upgrade process would take long, but I do have quite the store of files and applications that needed to migrate into 7.  I am very happy to say that I don’t believe the install process took longer than 2-3 hours, I was asleep so I don’t know the exact time. The only hiccup I had with the install was that Windows 7 asked me to uninstall some Verisoft software that lets me login to my computer with a fingerprint scanner, but this can be easily reinstalled.  All of my files transferred with no corruption that I can find, and all of my applications migrated to the new OS successfully. (Note: I was upgrading from Vista, and not XP.  From XP a clean install is necessary, deleting files and applications on your hard drive.)
As an added bonus, Windows 7 reminded me to deauthorize my computer from the iTunes Store before installation.  Had I not done so, I would have wasted one of the five machines that Apple allows you to authorize because I would not have been able to access the essentially dead former self of my computer.  Thanks Microsoft.

My First Moments with 7

Where Vista was slow (nearly everywhere) Windows 7 runs as fast as Michael Moore runs to the next  political issue.  Gone are many of the useless pop-ups of security warnings for things that are just normal occurences (one of the biggest annoyances of Vista, and a big time waster).

New Features:
1.  The snap feature makes resizing takes almost no time.  If you want to work on two things at once you can drag a window to one side or another, when the arrow hits the side of the screen, the window resizes to fit that half of the screen.  To maximize you drag the window to the top of the screen and the same auto-resize happens.  Lastly, you can resize to have the window be the full height of the screen without changing width by resizing the window to either the top or bottom and the other side will stretch on its own.
2.  The shake feature effectively clears the screen except for the window you have selected.
3.  The taskbar has been redesigned.  You can now choose programs to stay in the taskbar by “pinning” them there.  “Pinned” programs are essentially in a quick-launch bar.  This allowed Microsoft to scrap the quick-launch bar for more room in the taskbar.  Windows 7 also gives more room to the taskbar by eliminating the text on minimized and pinned programs.
4.  A new preview function lets you scroll over the programs in the taskbar and see small pictures of the open windows from that program.  If you scroll over the preview, you can see the window as it appears on the desktop while all other windows become invisible, click on the preview and the window comes to the front.

Overall Impression

So far, Windows 7 has been nothing short of amazing.  I can get things done faster, it takes less thought and action to use the interface, and multi-tasking has never been easier.  Although I did not mention all of the things that Windows 7 has to offer, I covered what I think are the most useful aspects thus far.  Expect more comments and maybe some additions of other cool things 7 has to offer to come as I continue using the Microsoft’s new OS.  I’m proud to say, I’M A PC.

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